Friday, May 25, 2007

Pilgrimage Travel --Beautiful Temples of DELHI

Pilgrimage Travel When you plan to travel to India for the purpose of Piilgrimage, You can find beautiful temples in all parts of India. Delhi also has many Beautiful Temples. Visit to most Beautiful Chatterpur Temple Complex
Beautiful Temples of DELHI

One of the most beautiful areas which a serious visitor must see is Chatterpur temple complex. As you visit this area, there is a Meditation center . In front of this on the main road some vendors are selling flowers to people for offerings. next at a distance of 200 yards there is a temple of Lord Hanumanji. Further there is a temple of Mata Vaishnu Devi. This temple complex has many Temples and Gardens.
Few miles from this place is very well known Shani temple. A visit to this area is very enjoyable .It is worth time and money.
The Hindu Temple Architecture is Very beautiful. Hindu temple gods are crafted to give an aesthetic view

[Indian culture is indeed exemplary in its nature and form. This is so because the amount of importance that it gives to animals in its daily life. In crudest of the terms,

Hanuman stands for two realizations,, one is latent and the other is patent. It is latent, in the sense that he is worshiped because he helped Lord Ram to defeat the devil Ravana who had enticed Lord Rama's wife Sita. In the great battle Hanuman fought along with his other monkey friends(called as Vanara in Sanskrit) in the battle to ensure Lord Rama's triumph.
I say, it stands for latent realization because Lord Hanumana is symbolic. By worshiping him, Hindus show the respect that humans and animals enjoy to maintain the balance of this mother earth. This is nothing different than what we call "bio-diversity", the conservation of which was envisaged long back and is still followed in Indian culture.